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Cogeco increases speed for High Speed customers.

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Got this in my e-mail, and sure enough the speedtest reports i can upload at 100kb/sec now with ~1.4MB/sec down.

From the e-mail:

Dear Client,

The Internet is changing fast. Every day there are new and exciting things to see and do online.
To help you make the most of your online experience, we have great news to share about your current High Speed Internet service.

How fast is fast?

• Your download speed increased from 10 Mbps to 14 Mbps

• Your upload speed increased from 640 Kbps to 1 Mbps

Cogeco has increased the speed of your
High Speed Internet Standard package
at no additional cost.

Your download speed is now 40% faster. So now you can enjoy more of what the Internet has to offer – faster than ever before. Everyone is trying to get more for their money these days and we’re happy to make your dollars go a little further – or faster.

Of course it doesnt help that my monthly limit is only 60gb/month, but its progress.