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New blog.

So, I’ve been blogging now for just over a year. And suddenly I start getting all kinds of spam comments. I set all my comment settings to moderated and started the process of deleting such comments one by one, without first logging a few details…ip address, acct name, e-mail and timestamp and a couple of the URLs spammed. What made this process easier…is that all the comments came from by only two IP Addresses…

NetRange: –

Hostname: gator588.hostgator.com

OrgName:    ThePlanet.com Internet Services, Inc.
OrgID:      TPCM
Address:    315 Capitol
Address:    Suite 205
City:       Houston
StateProv:  TX
PostalCode: 77002
Country:    US

NetRange: –

Hostname: p3slhssl17.shr.phx3.secureserver.net

OrgName:    GoDaddy.com, Inc.
OrgID:      GODAD
Address:    14455 N Hayden Road
Address:    Suite 226
City:       Scottsdale
StateProv:  AZ
PostalCode: 85260
Country:    US was particularly interested in spamming about drivers and laptops where was all about fendi purses and dior handbags

74.52 used much better e-mail addresses that mimic what a real user whould have picked from multiple vendors [gmail, hotmail, yahoo] whereas 208.109 used *only* numerical addresses and *only* from Yahoo.

Not really sure if its worth switching blog providers over…but im already liking WordPress better anyway 😛

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