Wanted: Weapons of Fate – Screenshots

Various camera glitches aside…An interesting game. I’d say the learning curve is about a half hour to an hour. The further you progress thru the game the more adernaline based abilities you unlock, I only just got Sub Machine Guns 😛 Once you finally get to curve bullets its pretty cool, The bullet time camera seems to happen randomly, thou having a clear curve with lots of headroom for a camera seems to help it trigger 😛

I’ll update this post with some more screenshots later on.


Added some more screenshots, Out of the 256 possible combonations for ‘binary’ cheats i was able to guess several 😀 I’ll screenshot that in a bit too i suppose. I’ve unlocked ‘Cinematic Mode’ which i think gives me the bullet time cam on my curve shots more often then not. Gonna beat the game on regular mode before i start messing around with the cheats too much.

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