Windows 7 Build 7068 Verification Info *updated*

Gleaned this info off of

File Name : 7068.0.090321-1322_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRC1CULFRE_EN_DVD.iso
Size: 2.53GB
MD5: 9dbc20dc21e09f926c530799918215a0
SHA1: fd1f67a2727fe6aaf1c141ff34ae9af77a24a172
CRC32: 26312514

It seems it was originally leaked at but that torrent is dead and the tracker is down. Regardless RC1 is coming in May anyway…


So I’ve got a few more details. The untouched ISO leak is Build 7068 and is of the Professional version of Windows 7, There is a slightly modified version circulating tagged ‘AllSKU’.

The x64 Build of 7068 *has* leaked, But i dont have verification info for that one yet.


This is the info from an ISO i’ve seen in the wild.

Filename: 7068.0.090321-1322_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Professional-GRC1CPRFRER_EN_DVD.iso
Size: 2,712,240,128 bytes
MD5: 5f75aa46248feaf3f2c88dfb533e8ca5
SHA1: 84bedf956b15f009fa66b79f4a40ae24b19289fc
CRC32: B18F27E5

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