Windows 7 Build 7057 Screenshots – 7057.winmain.090305-2000

So recently i managed to get a virus, After seeing the extent of the damage and promptly unplugging my ethernet cable and deciding upon a course of action…I think, maybe now is a good time to get to know Windows 7.

Although I have Windows 7 Build 7068, I only got the untouched professional version, and would rather use the 7057 Ultimate version. I’m hoping the RC1 build comes out soon. Rumors have had said that it will be a 707x build.

So i decided now would be as good a time as any to start fresh, so i formatted my 500gb host drive [was mostly Program Files anyway, MSDN, Crysis, Burnout, CoD4, CoD5, WoW!, Visual Studio, stuff adds up!] and installed a copy of Windows 7 Build 7057 that i happened upon.

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