PROTOTYPE, By Activision, A First look.

Have often have you wanted to play out as your favorite comic character? Be it Spiderman, Spawn, Predator, Superman, Wolverine…Ok how about all of them at the same time?

Prototype is one of the first games of its kind, granted the radial menu and abilities seems like a bit of a throwback to Crysis, but i found this game to be much more fun then Crysis. Before you can even begin to wrestle with how or why your able to do all this in game, your having too much fun scaling any wall or building you can and jumping 100’s of feet in the air from building to building taking out helicopters and tanks in your wake.

Aside from the claws, genetic whips, hammerfists and other abilities you get you also have access to a slew of weapons including assault rifles, machine guns, armored vehicles and rockets. Sadly there is no pistol that ive encountered yet [I’ve seen one, I just cant pick it up]

You unlock more of the story by consuming key players in the game, thus getting access to their memories and their likeness. You can only store one alternate likeness at a time, but certain military units give you access to certain military abilities.

Anywho enjoy some screenshots.

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