DIAdvCfg – Dead Island Advanced Config Tool v0.6.3

This is an older post, the updated post is here http://nigelt.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/diadvcfg-dead-island-advanced-config-tool/

Dead Island Advanced Config Tool v0.6.3

Beta Release! Polish and Shine.

Written by Nigel Todman ([email protected])

Updates: http://nigelt.wordpress.com/


Download v0.6.3(Beta Release)
(V0.7.6 is out http://nigelt.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/diadvcfg-dead-island-advanced-config-tool/ )
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v0.6.3 03-02-12
Changed output of Video.scr
Tooltip corrections and additions
Various code optimizations

v0.6.2 03-02-12
Fixed Lightmap detection
Fixed Fullscreen detection
Fixed Vsync detection
Corrected Default, Min and Max Values
Various code optimizations

v0.6.1 03-02-12
Nothing but Tool Tips
About 70% done now.
No code optimizations
No spelling corrections 😛

v0.6 03-01-12
Changed font from MS Sans Serif to Times New Roman
Re-sized and repositioned all elements of the interface.
Few more tooltips. About 40% done
More minor spelling corrections.
Various code optimizations

v0.5 03-01-12
Woops, Quick Bugfix release. (Array out of range)
Properly incremented build string at compile (missed in v0.4)
Even more code optimizations

v0.4 03-01-12
Added Field of View (FOV) Tweak
Added detailed Tooltips for some controls including
descriptions, formatting and syntax info. Not done yet.
Improved Motion Blur detection
Various code optimizations

v0.3 03-01-12
Added more Dead Island-esque color scheme
Added No Intro Launcher function
Added Motion Blur tweak. First tweak of this style, Not actually in Video.scr Using ‘loose’ files.
Various code optimizations
Minor spelling corrections

v0.2 03-01-12
Added Saving settings function
Added Backup settings function
Detects Dead Island Install Path, Doesn’t use it yet. Launcher soon.
Various code optimizations

v0.1 02-29-12
First release
Parses current settings from Video.scr in user supplied path
Detects Dead Island version from Registry

Download v0.6.3
Download v0.6.2
Download v0.6.1
Download v0.6
Download v0.5
Download v0.4
Download v0.3
Download v0.2
Download v0.1(Debug Release, Read Only)
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