BPAdvCFG – Burnout Paradise Advanced Config Tool v0.3.4

Burnout Paradise Advanced Config Tool v0.3.4

BPAdvCFG v0.3.4 (Beta Release, Polish and Shine)

Written by Nigel Todman ([email protected])

Updates: http://nigelt.wordpress.com


If you dont have the required OCX files you can get them here:


Download v0.4.1 (Final Version)
Download v0.3.4 (Beta Release)
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v0.3.4 04-10-12
Fixed settings path detection for XP!
various code optimizations

v0.3.3 03-29-12
Updated cleanup code to reflect temporary file name change.
Various code optimizations

v0.3.2 03-29-12
Fixed bug where Anti-aliasing was set to value of slider and not corresponding multiple
Changed temporary file name for username detection
Various code optimizations

v0.3.1 03-25-12
Increased array size of BPTweak() when Saving
Should fix subscript out of range with smaller Config.ini
Inital text now clears when you click message box
Pressing enter in the message box now sends
Fixed some erroneous nick detection from chat

v0.3.0 03-24-12
Added a Chat function!
Chat is only partially featured.
Even still its quicker then forums or e-mail and requires no registration 😉
May require a few libraries now, All available from Microsoft.
Various code optimizations

v0.2.5 03-24-12
Changed various interface items to sliders
Rearranged interface items slightly
Re-sized window slightly
Chat coming soon!
Various code optimizations

v0.2.4 03-20-12
Improved detection of Original Menu Music and No Intro states
Various code optimizations.

v0.2.3 03-20-12
Improved detection of Menu Music and No Intro fixes.
Better handling of backup files for Menu Music and No Intro.
Various code optimizations.

Known Conditional Bug in v0.1.6+ :
If you applied Menu Music or No Intro fixes and saved settings more then once, Your backups got overwritten with backups of the modified files.

You can find these files on the CD or they would be about 18mb to download. I’ll write a script to extract and install these if you need them later today.

BPUnTweak.rar 18.23MB

v0.2.2 03-14-12
Added option to change background!
Changed default background
Resized checkboxes slightly
Small tooltip corrections
Various code optimizations

v0.2.1 03-13-12
Added option to change text color!
Various code optimizations

v0.2.0 03-07-12
Auto Detects Settings path!
Improved error handling
Better cleanup of temp files
Various code optimizations

v0.1.9 03-06-12
Added No Intro Fix!
Minor spelling corrections
Various code optimizations

v0.1.8 03-06-12
Quick Bugfix in Menu Music Tweak
Even more tooltips, Only 1 left
Now comes with SFV file for the paranoid (I’m one of them)
Various code optimizations

v0.1.7 03-05-12
Changed Launcher code slightly
Even more Tooltips! 90% done now
Various code optimizations

v0.1.6 03-05-12
Added Burnout Icon
Added Menu Music Tweak!
More Tooltips
Various code optimizations

v0.1.5 03-04-12
Added Tooltips!
Tooltips about 70% done
Various code optimizations
Updated default, min and max values.

v0.1.4 03-04-12
Fixed SSAO Detection
Motion Blur actually has 3 states, changed from checkbox to integer
Using BurnoutLauncher.exe instead of BurnoutParadise.exe
Various code optimizations

v0.1.3 03-04-12
Quick Bug Fixes (Hard Coded array lengths, Subscripts out of range, etc)
Changed output of Config.ini, Should keep untouched settings now.
Tooltips coming soon.
Various code optimizations

v0.1.2 03-04-12
Added support for saving Settings. (Still Beta, use with caution)
Added Launch Burnout Paradise button to File menu.

v0.1.1 03-04-12
Added background image
Change font color
Debug Release, Write Functions disabled.

v0.1 03-04-12
First Release!
Parses user supplied folder for Config.ini
Debug Release, Write Functions disabled.

Download v0.3.4 (Beta Release)
Download v0.3.3
Download v0.3.2
Download v0.3.1
Download v0.3.1 (Development Release, Above is newer)
Download v0.3.0
Download v0.2.5
Download v0.2.4
Download v0.2.3
Download v0.2.2
Download v0.2.1
Download v0.2.1
Download v0.2.0
Download v0.1.9
Download v0.1.8
Download v0.1.7
Download v0.1.6
Download v0.1.5
Download v0.1.4
Download v0.1.3
Download v0.1.2
Download v0.1.1
Download v0.1
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    • Wolfseye on 03/16/2012 at 4:21 AM
    • Reply

    I downloaded this and tried to run it. No luck. I started it and it appeared like a program was loading, but in the end the process disappeared from the task manager in active processes after a few seconds. I am running Windows 7 64Bit.

    Anyone knows how to fix that ?

    1. I’m also running Windows 7 64 bit…no issues like that here…When the program first runs you are prompted with a message saying that the settings folder has been auto-detected. that’s the only thing i can think of that would stop the form from showing…. Windows should come with all the runtimes you would need to run the program…

    • Wolfseye on 03/17/2012 at 2:32 AM
    • Reply

    Whatever I do, I cant get that thing to start. Tried in compatibility Mode, no luck. Even added it to the exceptions file list on my Avast Antivirus, no luck. I dont know what else to try anymore.

    Is there some special things on Windows I should have ? Some special .NET Version or what ?

  1. Maybe try redownloading it ? While it is written in Visual Basic, its not written in Visual Basic .NET 😉 Its VB6. Every version of windows from 2000 on has the required files for basic applications, but you can try http://activex.microsoft.com/controls/vb6/vbrun60.cab just in case its somehow lacking from your install. Thats direct from Microsoft, just run the exe inside the cabinet archive, extracts nicely with WinRAR. But really that shouldnt be necessary.

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