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Call of Duty 4 CD Key Backup and Recovery v1.1

Was dusting off some old code and I found this and decided to give it a recompile and a facelift.

I originally wrote this in 2008 and I just discovered I had actually furthered the code and released a newer version…But…Like many I hosted my files at Megaupload.com and now they are GONE. This is what v2.0 looked like at one point… but the source code and binaries have been lost to time and FBI Raids…

So without further delay…some code back from the dead.

Call of Duty 4 CD Key Backup and Recovery v1.1

cod4-key v1.1 by Nigel Todman

Updates: http://nigelt.wordpress.com/


No new functionality, 5 min job. Grabs CD-Key, saves it to a txt. Cannot Backup CD Key until it has been Recovered.

Download v1.1
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