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BTC Sender v1.0

BTC Sender v1.0 by Nigel Todman

Homepage http://www.nigeltodman.com/




Resized main form. Is also moveable now
Added user defined delay in ms
Added checkbox to toggle between URI method and SendMany output

Enter as many BTC Addresses as needed
One per line; Parsed by CRLF Character

This tool will fill out the form on your BTC Client for all these addresses for the specified amount.

You will still have to click Send on your BitCoin-qt client and pay a tx fee with confirmation prior to actually sending. THIS PROGRAM WILL NOT ACTUALLY SEND BTC UNTIL YOU CLICK IN YOUR CLIENT

I add a 0.00004 BTC Donation to my BTC Address at the end. Simply remove it if you do not wish to donate. Alternatively your more then welcome to leave it or increase it 🙂


Download v1.0

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