What could 3D Printing do for this puppy?

Originally published at the NAAIJ on July 28th, 2014

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I’ve just come across the story of a tiny dog named Turbo who was born without his front legs and was going to be put down. Thankfully since then Turbo has been adopted and is now seeking a small cart-like apparatus to allow him to stand and move in a normal posture. The story has gotten quite a lot of news coverage. I originally encountered it at the HuffingtonPost.

From Turbo’s Facebook Page

“My name is Turbo.Roo! I was born without my front legs but, that has not stopped me one bit! I’m small but mighty and I am going to take on the world!!!!

I was only 4 weeks old when I was brought into a vet clinic in Indianapolis, IN! The breeder expressed concern because I was born without my two front legs. The breeder knew that I would need more one on one attention and decided to surrender me!

I have now been adopted by my new foster parents! Soon I will be able to be fitted for a wheelchair that is suited just for just my size and needs once I get to 6 months old!”

A fundraiser has been setup that appears to have met its goal of $600, at time of writing has collected $1,302. This will go to the aforementioned canine wheelchair once the dog is 6 months old.

When I originally drafted this article I did not know he already had a wheelchair for when he reached 6 months, But for now and until he reaches 6 months, The question that immediately sprang to mind is “Why doesnt someone 3D print an adjustable harness/axel with legs/wheels” this seems like almost the perfect application for it, If not for this dog then for other dogs in similar situations. Why not make this a thing?

After contacting the new foster owner for Turbo, He tells me there is already a few 3D printed concepts in the works, but they have yet to decide on which concept they will go with.

Turbo also has a Instagram and Twitter account

We will update this story when Turbo gets a 3D printed cart.

UPDATE: 08/12

Here are some pics of the latest cart for Turbo. Photo Credit: Turbo.roo Facebook


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