Hosting Update.

I have recently switched hosting providers. Users of a certain popular antivirus solution were erroneously blocked from this site. Users of that very same antivirus solution should notice this site loads just fine and is, in fact, virus free. Always has been. Always will be. It’s one of my many quirks.

On a related note, If your website has a virus, I can fix that for you.

It’s a shame us white hat professionals cant just get along and not block each others sites…

When I contacted the antivirus vendor they stated that the block wasnt due to any content on my website or even to my domain at all., at the time, happened to reside on the same server as thousands of other websites. Much like it does again now, just on a different server. The ‘issue’ was a domain completely unrelated to my own, happens to use the same server/company that I used for my hosting, was at one time sending spam. As a result of this the antivirus vendor took it upon itself to block not just the offending website .. but every client on every server owned by that entire company and its resellers! I would figure at least a quarter of a million websites are blocked erroneously from the practices employed by this vendor, and thats just a very rough estimate.

I’ve since parted ways with the former hosting provider and this new provider thus far does not seem to suffer from the false positive fiasco. I think I will follow up with the former hosting provider and the antivirus vendor. Will be interesting to see If I can get some figures on how many domains they manage and how many abuse complaints they’ve received, I’m assuming domains that have never ever received a complaint (like this one for example) to be legitimate content and not malicious or spam.

Maybe if I inform said antivirus vendor that they are erroneously blocking and falsely stating websites are ‘dangerous’, Impacting millions of users and hundreds of thousands of administrators, webmasters and content creators, They would resort to more accurate practices.

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