4th National Day of Action Against C-51 (#RepealC51)

Originally published by the NAAIJ on June 13th 2015 under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution International License

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Over a quarter of a million Canadians spoke out against Bill C-51 (269,987 at time of writing) with thousands more expressing their concern every day as Canada goosesteps forward with Bill C-51 despite one of Canadas largest protests against it. With yet another National Day of Action to #RepealC51 planned for June 20th

The protest has the following simple demands

This is the full ‘Call to Action’ text from the Calgary Event Page

This month we raise our voices once again in opposition to Bill C-51, C-44, and the whole cacophony of other charter violating bills that have been released recently. This month we take to the streets with the following objectives in mind;
1. To repeal unconstitutional legislature that violates our charter of rights and freedoms.
2. Demonstrate that we will maintain our rights by gathering publicly to speak out as per our constitutional rights.
3. Make sure that the indigenous people of Canada have their voices heard and that their right to consultation without being discriminated against is maintained and demonstrated
4. Stop any fear mongering legislation that may be put in place in the future by showing its not wanted, and not needed.
Thank you, together lets kill these bills!

Here is a list of protest locations

Calgary Facebook Event Page
Edmonton Facebook Event Page
Halifax Facebook Event Page
Kitchener Facebook Event Page
Nelson Facebook Event Page
Sudbury Facebook Event Page
Vernon Facebook Event Page

Here are flyers I’ve observed

Stay tuned for updates.

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