Confederate Flag supporter learns How to Internet! Issues epic apology to world.

Originally published by the NAAIJ on July 13th 2015 under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution International License

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A former Confederate Flag supporter learned How to Internet! Issues epic apology to world. At the time of writing has been shared over 100,000 times and has over 160,000 Likes.

I’ll highlight some excerpts for the TL;DR crowd.

“Although I never meant anything racist by sporting the Confederate flag, I couldn’t help but think of what some of my black friends thought about it. I really can’t think of a time that I was confronted about it. Did it not offend them? Were they too nice or afraid to confront me about it? The more I researched about the history of the flag, the worse I felt. What I had been told about its history was wrong. Thousands of southerners still fly the flag with no racist intent. They still defend the good things they’ve been told about the flag. They, like I once was, are WRONG. The flag is a symbol of a way of life that was wrong. Not that it needs to be stated, but slavery is one of the most evil and cruel things this world has ever seen. The Confederate flag represents this evil.

His conclusion statement/apology

To those I may have offended in the past, who never confronted me, I apologize. I was WRONG.

As our country continues to move forward on equality issues, I believe the only place for the Confederate flag is in our history books.

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If you would also like to do your own research, Start with this quote from the creator of the ‘Stars and Bars’/Confederate Flag/Battle Flag emblem. He leaves no room whatsoever for misinterpretation in what the symbol represents

No wonder it’s a favorite of the KKK, eh?

You can also read the Declaration of Causes from the Seceding States from Which gives you a state by state declaration that yes. The Confederate Flag is all about racism and slavery. Very specifically and pointedly.

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