I’m now on GitHub

I’m now on GitHub.

Most of the repos are in Visual Basic, But there is some Python, PHP and LUA on there as well. I’ve been looking into Game Development lately so I decided to start with what I know, Visual Basic. Put together a somewhat basic BlackJack implementation. 727 lines of code


Other possibilities for that project are online score submission and actually making the whole game online, So you can play against others. The original goal of a functional local version with score tracking was accomplished 🙂

The most recent repo is an LUA Project, An Addon for World of Warcraft. Written for use on Private Servers, Specifically Interface Version 3XX (WotLK). This is my first look at LUA, Full source history is avail.


Title: GuildWho
Notes: Keeps track of a variety of information about Guild Members. Guild Join Date, Join Level, Rank Change Date, Kick Date,Who Kicked. Total Chat Lines and Achievements.
Author: Veritas83 (GitHub) aka DatMage (Warmane)

Other notables are a Visual Basic project for IMEI #’s – A very early source from 2012, Great educational reference. This code went on to become IMEI Validator Professional Edition


Simple tool I wrote for validation of IMEI #’s (International Mobile Equipment Identity Number)
This is the Original v1.1 Source.

v1.1 05-07-2012
Supports determination of TAC (Type Allocation Code)
Supports determination of RBI (Reporting Body Identifier)
Supports determination of Serial #
Compares TAC to included list to determine Make and Model
Shows Check computation + Luhn Check Digit & Checksum

Another would be one of the Python projects. Written for/as my Security Researcher handle VTSTech.


I wrote this one at first just for the sake of writing it, to see how far I’d get. But there was also a password recovery & auditing competition occurring at the time. Some of the more obscure encryption algorithms weren’t being handled by the most popular and better preforming products such as oclHashCat, At least at the time. Not long after I had RAdmin v2.x recovery working Team Hashcat had their own out as well – We were probably working on it at the same time for the same reasons as we were in the same competition 😉

VTSTech-32Hex v0.36 released 09-07-2014

oclHashCat v1.31 released 10-02-2014

This project was also forked into a 40 character hash version


Next I’m thinking about adding the previously unreleased source code for one of my older tools, 2013 or so I think for this one. BPAdvCFG – Burnout Paradise Advanced Config Tool.

This one will be interesting and will have an accompanying post for it, In it I will be demonstrating how easy it is for a perfectly legitimate file, which you can verify with the accompanying source code, will come back as full of ‘viruses’ and deemed ‘unsafe’. One of antiviruses greatest failures, The False Positive.

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