Game Programming in Unity

So I’ve decided to teach myself Game Programming using the Unity Engine

I’ve published my first Unity Project to GitHub. Find it at the link below

GitHub VGS-Tetris

This is just a simple 2D project. Expanded from one of the tutorials I’ve been using. You can follow the source code and changes in the commits here

Diverging from the tutorial, I’ve added a main menu, and FPS Display, Score, High Score, Levels, Restarting the game and a few other things. Not quite done with this project yet.

My aim is to do a ‘concept project’ for many different types of games. A while back I wrote a Blackjack Game in Visual Basic (VGS-BlackJack) I’ll probably try to port that over to a 2D Unity Project as well in the future.

Stay tuned to and My GitHub (Veritas83) for updates, Or Follow me on Facebook for many updates (and non-programming related topics)

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