Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 7


We’re now drawing to a close with 1.12, with hopefully the final pre-releases. We’re aiming to get the full 1.12 release out to you all this friday (2017-06-02)!

Changes in 1.12 pre-release 7

Gave all challenges experience rewards
Fixed bug MC-59535 – Server log outputs TextComponent object rather than its Text property for player lost connection/Disconnecting message
Fixed bug MC-117764 – No error is logged when using knowledge book with invalid recipes
Fixed bug MC-118002 – Pausing game while moving causes screen shaking
Fixed bug MC-118021 – Parrot spawn egg appears after rabbit spawn egg in English (US)
Fixed bug MC-118036 – Disconnecting from server prints TranslatableComponent{key=’multiplayer.disconnect.banned’, …} in log
Fixed bug MC-118038 – Crafting items with no recipe file shows empty toast
Fixed bug MC-118057 – Unexpectedly high CPU usage in menus
Fixed bug MC-118067 – Pressing t in Spectator mode allows you to use recipe book search
Fixed bug MC-118068 – Recipe book uses always t for focusing search instead of chat keybinding
Added some new #covfefe!

Changes in 1.12 pre-release 6

Optimized recipe book & creative inventory searching a lot, especially when using mods
Made a bunch of text translatable, where previously they were hardcoded English
Optimized chunk loading, a previous pre-release slowed it down 🙁
Added the ability to see credits by clicking the copyright text in the title screen
Technical: Skipped functions (when the conditional fails) is now considered a failure (for example in command blocks)
Technical: Tab-completing command names in command blocks will no longer add a / prefix.
Fixed bug MC-40275 – Credit screen/End Poem music not playing correctly
Fixed bug MC-94016 – Glass panes and iron bars connect to barrier blocks
Fixed bug MC-115816 – During the destruction of the beds, cracks do not appear
Fixed bug MC-116479 – Parrots dismount when y coordinate decreases
Fixed bug MC-116489 – Unknown entity property for entity_properties loot table condition causes server crash for default loot tables
Fixed bug MC-116625 – Animation speed of Crafting Guide items is dependant on framerate.
Fixed bug MC-116669 – Exploding TNT minecarts and ender crystals can cause StackOverflow
Fixed bug MC-116696 – Animated textures in resource packs aren’t animated in advancement icons
Fixed bug MC-116834 – “Showing Craftable” button shows uncraftable items of same recipe group
Fixed bug MC-117004 – Narrator is toggled when typing in text fields
Fixed bug MC-117125 – Narrator still crashes on linux, flite installed
Fixed bug MC-117265 – Typing in search bar in recipe book displays next variant for recipes with multiple variants
Fixed bug MC-117310 – gamerule gameLoopFunction does not tab complete function names
Fixed bug MC-117314 – stat.craftItem is missing most items
Fixed bug MC-117568 – Survival tutorial steps shown in creative mode
Fixed bug MC-117584 – Converting zombie villager without ConversionPlayer set crashes server
Fixed bug MC-117611 – Extreme Lag on Multiplayer Server
Fixed bug MC-117627 – Moving items in inventory with open recipe book displays next variant for recipes with multiple variants
Fixed bug MC-117636 – construct_beacon advancement trigger is triggered when player gets near beacon instead of when building beacon
Fixed bug MC-117640 – Pets (wolves, ocelots, parrots) teleport onto magma blocks
Fixed bug MC-117661 – Conditional function command only runs the function if the selection matches exactly one entity
Fixed bug MC-117663 – Conditional function commands do not work inside of functions
Fixed bug MC-117677 – Jumping does not increase progress in tutorial
Fixed bug MC-117687 – Recipe Book tries to use damaged bows to craft dispensers despite this being invalid
Fixed bug MC-117703 – Cannot kill invulnerable parrot with cookie in Creative mode
Fixed bug MC-117704 – “excitedze” easter egg triggers when language is already “Pirate Speak”
Fixed bug MC-117710 – Bonus Chest setting is not copied when re-creating world
Fixed bug MC-117711 – “Snowy Kingdom” Superflat preset arguments include villages despite them being unable to generate in ice plains
Fixed bug MC-117713 – skipping function triggers conditional command blocks
Fixed bug MC-117714 – Clicking on dispenser recipe while only having enchanted bow in inventory places other ingredients anyways
Fixed bug MC-117718 – Breeding animals without LoveCause set cause crash
Fixed bug MC-117727 – @s is described as “a player in /execute” despite working for all entities
Fixed bug MC-117752 – Knowledge book isn’t consumed upon right-click
Fixed bug MC-117764 – No error is logged when using knowledge book with invalid recipes
Fixed bug MC-117785 – Clicking arrows in recipe book have no click sound
Fixed bug MC-117789 – Crash: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field com.sun.jna.Pointer.peer from class com.sun.jna.PointerTool
Fixed bug MC-117812 – Weird criteria names in certain advancements
Fixed bug MC-117823 – Single-ingredient recipes cannot be stacked by repeatedly clicking on the recipe
Fixed bug MC-117827 – Nonexistent (or misnamed) tipped arrow recipe
Fixed bug MC-117843 – Parrots lose their Name Tag upon dismounting a player’s shoulder
Fixed bug MC-117854 – Fences connect to barriers
Fixed bug MC-117858 – Right-clicking an item stack into the creative mode item selector destroys the whole stack
Fixed bug MC-117877 – Naming Parrots, becoming unnamed.
Fixed bug MC-117883 – Advancement descriptions are able to go out of the Minecraft window
Fixed bug MC-117960 – Strange vines behaviour
Added some new bugs!


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