GramGrabber – Instagram Downloader


GramGrabber – Instagram Downloader Changelog

v0.0.2-r02 2/22/2019 10:02:39 PM

Added Social Media Links
Added BitCoin Address
Resized main form slightly
GramGrabber.exe 714638F1
wget.exe 47EC1FA4

v0.0.2-r01 2/22/2019 9:02:48 PM

Ported to .NET Framework v4.6.1 from VB6
Added support for Instagram’s URL Signatures
Updated User-Agent to Firefox 64
GramGrabber.exe 69B3B36A
wget.exe 47EC1FA4


Added option to ‘Open after Download’
Uses default program associated with jpg or mp4
Now using wget 1.19.1-win32
GramGrabber.exe FBFA240A
wget.exe 47EC1FA4


Renamed to GramGrabber
‘Instagram Downloader’ was too generic


First Release!
Takes Instagram URL.
Grabs HTML. Parses for image/video tags.
Downloads found source image/video.
Deletes HTML after.
Returns file name. Saves to application folder.

Uses wget and some GNU libraries.


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