This infographic about Papa Johns is going viral

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about Papa Johns founder is going viral. Shared by the Facebook Page ‘’, As of writing it currently has over 110,000 Shares and 58,000 ‘Likes’ or other emoticon related reactions.

I’ve gathered some of the responses to demonstrate the general tone of the replies as well as picked a few favorites.

Many cite their deplorable business practices and treatment of their employees as reasons for their boycott of the Papa Johns franchise.

For others, they cite his support of the Celebrity White Supremacist President Trump.

Some of those that had the unfortunate experience of eating Papa Johns chimed in.

Even some former Papa Johns employees found time to reply

Out of all the responses I saw. This was my favorite

Meanwhile the Papa Johns Stock Price (Symbol: PZZA) has fallen off a cliff. Just barely above its annual low ($59.36) at $61 currently.

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