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DIAdvCFG – Dead Island Advanced Config Tool v0.7.9 Final Version

Dead Island Advanced Config Tool v0.7.9

Final Release! Enjoy!

Written by Nigel Todman (nigel.todman@gmail.com)

Web: http://www.NigelTodman.com/


Download v0.7.9 (Final Release)

v0.7.9 01-25-15
Changed nigelt.wordpress.com references to NigelTodman.com
Final Version

v0.7.8 04-13-12
Automatic settings path detection is now optional!
Improved Windows XP Support
Added BitCoin address! Donations welcome but not required 🙂
(Click on BitCoin to copy address to clipboard)
Various code optimizations

v0.7.7 04-11-12
Fixed settings path detection for XP!
Various code optimizations

v0.7.6 03-19-12
Added option to change background!
Improved error handling when only 1 file is ‘set’
Various code optimizations

v0.7.5 03-17-12
Added option to change text color!
Various code optimizations

v0.7.4 03-07-12
Added Depth of Field Tweak!
Improved Motion Blur Tweak.
Better cleanup of temp files
Resized checkboxes slightly
Various code optimizations

v0.7.3 03-07-12
Auto Detects Settings path!
Improved error handling
Releases now include SFV file
Various code optimizations

v0.7.2 03-05-12
Few more tooltips for Audio controls
Backup button now backs up Audio.scr too
Various code optimizations

v0.7.1 03-04-12
Added some tooltips for Audio controls
Updated Min/Max/Default values for Audio controls
Changed output of Audio.scr.

Known Bugs:
Some settings (Like Volume, Gamma) still don’t stick.
Its possible that any setting with a slider needs to be set in game…
Fullscreen doesn’t stick unless Vsync is also turned on

v0.7.0 03-03-12
Added support for reading and writing of settings to Audio.scr!
Backs up Audio settings to Audio.sc1
Changed font to Verdana
Added background image

v0.6.3 03-02-12
Changed output of Video.scr
Tooltip corrections and additions
Various code optimizations

v0.6.2 03-02-12
Fixed Lightmap detection
Fixed Fullscreen detection
Fixed Vsync detection
Corrected Default, Min and Max Values
Various code optimizations

v0.6.1 03-02-12
Nothing but Tool Tips
About 70% done now.
No code optimizations
No spelling corrections 😛

v0.6 03-01-12
Changed font from MS Sans Serif to Times New Roman
Re-sized and repositioned all elements of the interface.
Few more tooltips. About 40% done
More minor spelling corrections.
Various code optimizations

v0.5 03-01-12
Woops, Quick Bugfix release. (Array out of range)
Properly incremented build string at compile (missed in v0.4)
Even more code optimizations

v0.4 03-01-12
Added Field of View (FOV) Tweak
Added detailed Tooltips for some controls including
descriptions, formatting and syntax info. Not done yet.
Improved Motion Blur detection
Various code optimizations

v0.3 03-01-12
Added more Dead Island-esque color scheme
Added No Intro Launcher function
Added Motion Blur tweak. First tweak of this style, Not actually in Video.scr Using ‘loose’ files.
Various code optimizations
Minor spelling corrections

v0.2 03-01-12
Added Saving settings function
Added Backup settings function
Detects Dead Island Install Path, Doesn’t use it yet. Launcher soon.
Various code optimizations

v0.1 02-29-12
First release
Parses current settings from Video.scr in user supplied path
Detects Dead Island version from Registry

Download v0.7.9 (Final Release)

IMEI Valid v1.9 – IMEI Validator v1.9 (Final Version 1.x, Dev continues on 2.x)

New Download v2.1.2.5 Professional Edition
Updates: nigeltodman.com/imei-validator/

Download v1.9

v1.9 01-25-2015 02:41pm
Changed nigelt.wordpress.com references to NigelTodman.com
Detects 25,682 mobile devices
Final Version

v1.8 01-04-2014 05:45pm
Added support for Custom TAC *
Generate any IMEI once to show TAC Menu.
Added various iPhone Models.
Now supports some iPhone 5 16/32GB Models.
Now supports some Galaxy S4 Models.
Now detecting 25,677 mobile devices

* Custom TAC will use the first 8 Digits of whatever is currently in the IMEI Text box.

v1.6 07-02-2012 02:27am
Did some cleanup on TAC Database
Added support for 30 more TAC’s
(18 BB, 2 HTC, 4 Samsung, 4 iPhones & 1 LG)
Now detecting 25,658 mobile devices
Now randomly selects from 8 models per manufacturer
Removed Message Boxes for IMEI status
Added Label for status, Goes red on INVALID.
Renamed from IMEIGen/Generator to IMEIValid/Validator
Minor code optimizations

v1.4 05-08-2012 01:16am
Added drop down menu to specify which Make of IMEI
Options are: BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung and HTC
Has about 5 or 6 randomly selected models for each.
Drop Down only appears after a Generation.
Support for 20 more TAC’s, Mostly BlackBerry’s and Samsung’s
Various code optimizations

v1.3 05-07-2012
Make/Model of phone will now clear with each Validation
Added support for many types of Apple’s iPhone
Added many other miscellaneous phones
In total supports 34,791 different TAC’s
Various code optimizations

v1.2 05-07-2012
Added checkboxes for various RBI Types
Checkboxes will auto-populate upon Validate
Generate will now attempt only to
make selected RBI type IMEI if any boxes are selected
Minor code optimizations

v1.1 05-07-2012
Supports determination of TAC (Type Allocation Code)
Supports determination of RBI (Reporting Body Identifier)
Supports determination of Serial #
Compares TAC to included list to determine Make and Model
Shows Check computation + Luhn Check Digit & Checksum

New Download v2.1.2.5 Professional Edition

Download v1.9

Petition to UN to have Election Monitors for Canada 2015

I recall reaching out to a few folks last year in an attempt to get a request made to the United Nations to intervene in the absurd electoral fraud taking place in Canada.

I believe it was the Council of Canadians and the BCCLA I had contacted.

I got no reply from the Council of Canadians and the BCCLA said they were determining what their next steps would be and were waiting for ‘more concrete information’

Petition Link: Request UN election monitors/observers for Canada (avaaz.org)

—–Original Message—–
From: nigel@naaij.org [mailto:nigel@naaij.org]
Sent: May-13-14 5:16 PM
To: [edit]@canadians.org; [edit]@bccla.org
Subject: Democracy in Canada now on Life Support. Need your help.

Hello, My name is Nigel Todman, an Independent Journalist for the NAAIJ.

I have just heard the news that the Unfair Elections Act, Bill C-23, has passed thru the House of Commons.

While the integrity of elections in Canada has no doubt been seriously damaged since the Conservatives seized power, the passage of Bill C-23 makes the situation all the more dire.

Has the Council of Canadians or the BCCLA reached out to the United Nations yet on this issue? I feel this is too big an issue for myself to tackle individually and request your assistance in restoring democracy to Canada.

Electoral Assistance Division
Department of Political Affairs
United Nations Secretariat
New York, NY, 10017
United States of America

Telephone: +1 212 963 8737
Facsimile: +1 212 963 2979

Email: eadroster@un.org


Nigel Todman
Assistant Webmaster/Independent Journalist
NAAIJ [North American Association of Independent Journalists]

Jon Stewart just did a segment on Homelessness everyone needs to see

Originally published at the NAAIJ on Jan 12th, 2015. Check the NAAIJ for most recent updates

Follow us on Twitter @NAAIJ
Like us on Facebook NAAofIJ

It should be pretty easy to emphasize with the homeless. But until you have actually been homeless it may not be so easy to put yourself in their shoes … assuming they have shoes. Myself, I was homeless for an extended period of time a little over a decade ago. Perhaps it’s something about sleeping on a 5 inch mat a foot away from a hundred other people in similar or worse predicaments. Keeping all your worldly possessions either on your person or in a backpack which you are using as a pillow either out of necessity or security.

Then the morning comes. You wake up, place your 5 inch mat in a stack with all the others and help setup the tables and chairs, But first you take an inventory or whatever meager possessions you may have. Mats away and tables up you then get in line for breakfast.

Next its out into the cold to panhandle during the morning rush at the transit station. Warming up every few hours in the library or the recreation center. In my case brushing up on programming skills and breaking into the computer networks around me.

It is a unique perspective to say the least, and it is this perspective that makes me quite enthusiastic about news out of Utah recently that was highlighted on Jon Stewart‘s ‘The Daily Show‘ on an initiative to actually house the homeless.

You can view the segment here (so long as you make Comedy Central believe you reside in the United States)

Failing that you can watch this discussion by The Young Turks on the same program.

The segment features the Director of the ‘Homeless Task Force’, Llyod Pendleton dropping some absolute gems like the programs resounding success of reducing homelessness by 72% since 2005. Nevermind the question that is on everyone’s mind ‘How much are these homeless going to cost me of my tax dollars’ — Realistically. Pennies. In fact a few less pennies than what is currently siphoned off your paycheque.

Actual figures … About $8,000 LESS than what it costs to simply do nothing and let them be incarcerated, hospitalized or institutionalized.

To quote the Director, “We gave homes .. To the homeless. Yes. It’s simple. You give them housing, And you end homelessness.”

What a sudden outbreak of common sense that was! Who would have thought you could end homelessness by giving people one of the several to 2 dozen vacant homes per homeless person in America. And save $8,000 a head while doing it!

You can read Mr. Pendletons testimony before the Senate Banking, Housing,and Urban Affairs Committee in 2007 here

Nigel Todman is an Independent Journalist, Technical Consultant, Social Activist, Web Developer and Computer Programmer from Ontario, Canada. Add him to Facebook and/or Follow him on Twitter E-mail: veritas [at] vts-tech [dot] org [PGP]

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