RCMP lays 31 charges against Conservative Senator, PM Harper may testify under oath

Originally published at the NAAIJ on July 18th, 2014

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The RCMP today laid 31 charges against Conservative Senator Mike Duffy, An appointee of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The charges laid are as follows, quoted from the RCMP Press Release[1]

“Expense claims in relation to his residency – Mr. Duffy has been charged with one (1) count each of fraud over $5,000 and breach of trust. The total amount of the fraud in this instance is $90,000.

Expense claims unrelated to Senate business – Mr. Duffy has been charged with five (5) counts of fraud under $5,000, four (4) counts of fraud over $5,000 and nine (9) counts of breach of trust. The total amount of the frauds exceeds $50,000.

Awarding of consulting contracts – Mr. Duffy has been charged with two (2) counts of fraud over $5,000, two (2) counts of fraud under $5,000, and four (4) counts of breach of trust. The total amount of the frauds exceeds $60,000.

Directly or indirectly corruptly accept, obtain, agree to accept, or attempt to obtain, for himself, money ($90,000 from Mr. Nigel Wright) – Mr. Duffy has been charged with one (1) count each of bribery of a judicial officer, frauds on the Government and breach of trust.

Mr. Duffy will appear in court in Ottawa on September 16, 2014.”[1]

According to The Star[2], There is a reasonable possibility to expect that Prime Minister Harper could be called upon to testify under oath, But it is likely he will abuse ‘Parliamentary privilege’ to avoid further incriminating himself.

Back in Oct. 2013 Duffy testified that ‘After the Prime Minster decided’ that Wright was to pay Duffy $90,000. Duffy requested Wright produce written documents assuring that no wrong doing was taking place, In response Wright contacted Conservative Lawyer Arthur Hamilton and got him to pay for $13,560 in legal fees for Duffy. [3]

Nigel Wright was Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the time of this conduct. The Prime Minister himself is also implicated in several documents obtained by the RCMP in communications between Wright and Duffy.

In a functioning democracy PM Harper would be the one facing charges right now, Instead of just the witness stand.

[1] http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ottawa/ne-no/pr-cp/2014/0717-ms-cp-eng.htm
[2] http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/07/17/stephen_harper_in_the_witness_box_now_a_possibility_tim_harper.html
[3] http://bcove.me/ttjkzxrq

Nigel Todman is an Independent Journalist, Technical Consultant, Social Activist, Web Developer and Computer Programmer from Ontario, Canada. Nigel is also the Assistant Webmaster for the NAAIJ. Add him to Facebook and/or Follow him on Twitter E-mail: nigel [at] naaij [dot] org [PGP]

Reset The Net, June 5th 2014, Don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back.

Originally published at the NAAIJ on June 2nd, 2014

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A campaign is under way to Reset The Net. The hope of this campaign is to emerge in a post June 5th world with a more secure standard of communications. It is common knowledge these days that NSA/CSEC/GCHQ/etc are listening to everything anyone has ever said. Indeed even this very article as I draft it is probably within the reach of the NSA to infringe upon, as Edward Snowden recently alluded to exactly that in his most recent interview on NBC.

An excerpt from the Reset The Net Tumblr

“First, there are tons of ways to fight back against NSA surveillance. Anything that makes the Internet or individuals using it safer and more secure makes mass surveillance harder, for the NSA and for any other government.

It can start with you. These super-easy encryption tools let you talk, chat, and text with pretty strong privacy. If everyone used them, that would go a long way to shutting down mass surveillance. So, be the first. And tell your friends. In the end, beating the NSA could be that simple.”

Most of the tools they recommend I’m quite familiar with myself. I’ll link to a few of them here for those eager to be secure ahead of The Reset.

Secure instant messaging: Pidgin (w OTR plugin, Mobile users Get ChatSecure for Android or ChatSecure for iOS.)
Hide your IP (with exceptions!): Tor (Mobile users Get Orbot for Android.)
Encrypted GSM/SMS: TextSecure & RedPhone (Android only, iOS users get Signal 2.0)

Pidgin is a messaging client that supports numerous protocols. The one I’m using and you should use is XMPP, previously known as Jabber. The XMPP server I use is creep.im, You can add me using [email protected]

Here is a quick pictorial on how to get started with Pidgin.

Click Add…

Fill out the form as shown below, using your own username and password.

I am using Tor in this example. Simply Install Tor and run it, The defaults will work.

If all goes well you will get this screen. This is your actual registration so remember your password.

Confirmation that all is well.

Add your first buddy. Feel free to add myself, [email protected] or the demo account I just made [email protected]

When someone adds you, This is what it will look like.

The OTR plugin gives further security by providing even more encryption and buddy authentication via secret phrases and questions. But even just using Pidgin over say regular Facebook is a huge improvement.

With the OTR plugin installed, Go to Tools -> Plugins in Pidgin, Select ‘Off the Record Messaging and hit ‘Configure Plugin’ – Now press ‘Generate’

If all goes well.

Now you will notice a new menu when chatting with Buddies and some new notices

There is a variety of methods of ‘authenticating’ a buddy. The simplest is ‘Manual Fingerprint Verification’ – For your first time encountering people, This is good. It will ensure that your communicating with the same person on the same machine you originally added.

Alternatively there is a secret question and answer. This is good for people you know well. If you know them well enough you wont even need to tell them the answer 🙂

Want to use XMPP on your phone? Get ChatSecure for Android.

Tor is great for a few select cases. Tor by default encrypts everything passing thru it. It also bounces it around a few places and cloaks the original source and destination from all the nodes your data hops over. Tor is not perfect thou. Various website scripts, namely JavaScript, can disclose your true IP Address. Also DNS requests can leak your IP Address. Most websites wont make it a point to attempt to defeat Tor anonymity, but they could.

Want to use Tor on your phone? Get Orbot for Android.

Once the Reset the Net ‘Privacy Pack’ is complete we will link to it here.

Nigel Todman is an Independent Journalist, Technical Consultant, Social Activist, Web Developer and Computer Programmer from Ontario, Canada. Nigel is also the Assistant Webmaster for the NAAIJ. Add him to Facebook and/or Follow him on Twitter E-mail: nigel [at] naaij [dot] org [PGP]

Carmageddon Reincarnation Advanced Config Tool v0.1.4.1

Download CRAdvCFGv0141.rar

CRAdvCFG v0.1.4.1

Carmageddon Reincarnation Advanced Config Tool v0.1.4.1



Updates: http://www.nigeltodman.com

Steam: Veritas_83
Raptr: veritas_
Twitter: @Veritas_83

This is a read only debug release. Detects your steam path and assumes you installed to default folder.

Supports a few more settings than previous version.

** Requires Administrator permissions to access Program Files **

v0.1.4.1 06-25-2014
Written for/with v0.3.0.5644
Changed versioning
Added NoIntro Mod detection
Added Post Processing Detection
Added Post Processing Tooltip
Resized main form and controls slightly
Debug build. READ ONLY!

v0.014 05-21-2014
Written for/with v0.2.0.5112
Added remaining settings that were missing
Added Image Texture Quality
Added Particle Effects Quality
Added Dynamic Cube Mapping Resolution
Added Dynamic Cube Mapping Shadows
Added Shadow Culling Factor
Added Refresh Rate
Added even more tooltips.
Added BitCoin Address. Click to copy.
Resized main form and controls slightly
Debug build. READ ONLY!

v0.013 05-21-2014
Written for/with v0.2.0.5112
Added game launcher, under File menu.
Added many tooltips **
Added VSync tooltip
Added Anti-Aliasing tooltip
Added Ambient Occlusion tooltip
Added Resolution tooltip
Debug build. READ ONLY!

** Tooltips explain what the settings do and their impact on preformance. Hover over the setting to get the tooltip

v0.012 05-16-2014
Written for/with v0.2.0.5112
Added Tooltips! Still many missing.
Added Shadows detection
Added Translucent Shadows Detection
Added Distance Culling Modifiers
Debug build. READ ONLY!

v0.011 04-21-2014
Added Carmageddon Reincarnation version designed with/for
Added Window/Fullscreen Resolution Detection
Added Motion Blur Detection
Added Anti-Aliasing Detection
Debug build. READ ONLY!

v0.01 04-20-2014
First Release!
Everything is new.
Debug build. READ ONLY!

Download v0.1.4.1 CRAdvCFGv0141.rar (Latest)
Download v0.014 http://www.mediafire.com/download/tjtvohigf6cd6ld/CRAdvCFGv014.rar
Download v0.013 http://www.mediafire.com/download/1l1qr5jq69yk1l7/CRAdvCFGv013.rar
Download v0.012 http://www.mediafire.com/download/96utz50xwb9j58u/CRAdvCFGv012.rar
Download v0.011 http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ldlzgyhd96ld1i/CRAdvCFGv011.rar
Download v0.01 http://www.mediafire.com/download/dp79clj5bjccdd3/CRAdvCFGv0.01-VERITAS.rar

BPAdvCFG – Burnout Paradise Advanced Config Tool v0.5 Final Version

Burnout Paradise Advanced Config Tool v0.5

BPAdvCFG v0.5 (Final Release)

Written by Nigel Todman ([email protected])


If you get errors, Make sure your game is properly installed.

A registry key created on install, but not required for play, is found here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EA Games\Burnout(TM) Paradise The Ultimate Box

or here

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EA Games\Burnout(TM) Paradise The Ultimate Box

Depending on your architecture. A ‘String Value’ called “Install Dir” must reside there for this tool to work.

In my case this is: “C:\GAMES\Burnout(TM) Paradise The Ultimate Box\” if you get errors, Make sure this key exists.

Steam: Veritas_83
Raptr: veritas_
Twitter: Veritas_83
E-mail: [email protected]
Blog: http://www.nigeltodman.com

If you dont have the required OCX files you can get them here:


(Final Version)
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Discuss on WideScreenGamingForum.com

v0.5 11-14-14
Changed nigelt.wordpress.com references to NigelTodman.com
Final Version

v0.4.1 04-03-14
Added Raptr and Steam contacts to About dialog.
Added clickable Raptr profile link to main window.
Added readme.txt regarding errors you may encounter.

v0.4.0 04-13-12
Automatic settings path detection is now optional!
Improved Windows XP Support
Binary is now compressed with UPX
864256 -> 492032 56.93% win32/pe BPAdvCFG.exe
The curious can decompress with upx.exe -v -d BPAdvCFG.exe
Added BitCoin address! Donations welcome but not required 🙂
(Click on BitCoin to copy address to clipboard)
Various code optimizations

v0.3.4 04-10-12
Fixed settings path detection for XP!
Various code optimizations

v0.3.3 03-29-12
Updated cleanup code to reflect temporary file name change.
Various code optimizations

v0.3.2 03-29-12
Fixed bug where Anti-aliasing was set to value of slider and not corresponding multiple
Changed temporary file name for username detection
Various code optimizations

v0.3.1 03-25-12
Increased array size of BPTweak() when Saving
Should fix subscript out of range with smaller Config.ini
Inital text now clears when you click message box
Pressing enter in the message box now sends
Fixed some erroneous nick detection from chat

v0.3.0 03-24-12
Added a Chat function!
Chat is only partially featured.
Even still its quicker then forums or e-mail and requires no registration 😉
May require a few libraries now, All available from Microsoft.
Various code optimizations

v0.2.5 03-24-12
Changed various interface items to sliders
Rearranged interface items slightly
Re-sized window slightly
Chat coming soon!
Various code optimizations

v0.2.4 03-20-12
Improved detection of Original Menu Music and No Intro states
Various code optimizations.

v0.2.3 03-20-12
Improved detection of Menu Music and No Intro fixes.
Better handling of backup files for Menu Music and No Intro.
Various code optimizations.

Known Conditional Bug in v0.1.6+ :
If you applied Menu Music or No Intro fixes and saved settings more then once, Your backups got overwritten with backups of the modified files.

You can find these files on the CD or they would be about 18mb to download. I’ll write a script to extract and install these if you need them later today.

BPUnTweak.rar 18.23MB

v0.2.2 03-14-12
Added option to change background!
Changed default background
Resized checkboxes slightly
Small tooltip corrections
Various code optimizations

v0.2.1 03-13-12
Added option to change text color!
Various code optimizations

v0.2.0 03-07-12
Auto Detects Settings path!
Improved error handling
Better cleanup of temp files
Various code optimizations

v0.1.9 03-06-12
Added No Intro Fix!
Minor spelling corrections
Various code optimizations

v0.1.8 03-06-12
Quick Bugfix in Menu Music Tweak
Even more tooltips, Only 1 left
Now comes with SFV file for the paranoid (I’m one of them)
Various code optimizations

v0.1.7 03-05-12
Changed Launcher code slightly
Even more Tooltips! 90% done now
Various code optimizations

v0.1.6 03-05-12
Added Burnout Icon
Added Menu Music Tweak!
More Tooltips
Various code optimizations

v0.1.5 03-04-12
Added Tooltips!
Tooltips about 70% done
Various code optimizations
Updated default, min and max values.

v0.1.4 03-04-12
Fixed SSAO Detection
Motion Blur actually has 3 states, changed from checkbox to integer
Using BurnoutLauncher.exe instead of BurnoutParadise.exe
Various code optimizations

v0.1.3 03-04-12
Quick Bug Fixes (Hard Coded array lengths, Subscripts out of range, etc)
Changed output of Config.ini, Should keep untouched settings now.
Tooltips coming soon.
Various code optimizations

v0.1.2 03-04-12
Added support for saving Settings. (Still Beta, use with caution)
Added Launch Burnout Paradise button to File menu.

v0.1.1 03-04-12
Added background image
Change font color
Debug Release, Write Functions disabled.

v0.1 03-04-12
First Release!
Parses user supplied folder for Config.ini
Debug Release, Write Functions disabled.

(Final Version)

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