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Microsoft Tag Reader – Tag for my blog :D

Just installed the Microsoft Tag Reader to my phone via http://gettag.mobi, i downloaded the jad directly, but cant import via Nokia PC Suite so…that sucks. [needs to be .jar] But the site detected my phone and it worked that way. Pictured is a tag i created that links to this blog 😀 Just taking a …

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Windows 7 Build 7068 Verification Info *updated*

Gleaned this info off of hacksdaily.net File Name : 7068.0.090321-1322_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRC1CULFRE_EN_DVD.iso Size: 2.53GB MD5: 9dbc20dc21e09f926c530799918215a0 SHA1: fd1f67a2727fe6aaf1c141ff34ae9af77a24a172 CRC32: 26312514 It seems it was originally leaked at torrents.ru but that torrent is dead and the tracker is down. Regardless RC1 is coming in May anyway… UPDATE: So I’ve got a few more details. The untouched ISO leak …

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Microsoft releases new WLMessenger 14 Build 8064 – Screenshots

Logged into MSN today and noticed there was a new build available. Looks much different then the previous build. Heres some screenshots.

Crash solution to neresize.ax in Windows Media Player

So i was having some trouble watching videos in Windows Media Player due to a file called neresize.ax , This file is a Nero Plugin that is included with all versions of Nero 7 and higher. After some Google’ing I found this: EgoSoft.com Forum Which specifies a fix that would have worked just fine…except it …

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