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Windows 7 Build 7057 Screenshots – 7057.winmain.090305-2000

So recently i managed to get a virus, After seeing the extent of the damage and promptly unplugging my ethernet cable and deciding upon a course of action…I think, maybe now is a good time to get to know Windows 7. Although I have Windows 7 Build 7068, I only got the untouched professional version, …

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate – Screenshots

Various camera glitches aside…An interesting game. I’d say the learning curve is about a half hour to an hour. The further you progress thru the game the more adernaline based abilities you unlock, I only just got Sub Machine Guns 😛 Once you finally get to curve bullets its pretty cool, The bullet time camera …

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Microsoft releases new WLMessenger 14 Build 8064 – Screenshots

Logged into MSN today and noticed there was a new build available. Looks much different then the previous build. Heres some screenshots.