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DIAdvCFG – Dead Island Advanced Config Tool v0.7.9 Final Version

Dead Island Advanced Config Tool v0.7.9 Final Release! Enjoy! Written by Nigel Todman (nigel.todman@gmail.com) Web: http://www.NigelTodman.com/ CRC32/DIAdvCfg.exe/23573A87 Download v0.7.9 (Final Release) Changelog: ———- v0.7.9 01-25-15 Changed nigelt.wordpress.com references to NigelTodman.com Final Version v0.7.8 04-13-12 Automatic settings path detection is now optional! Improved Windows XP Support Added BitCoin address! Donations welcome but not required 🙂 (Click …

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IMEI Valid v1.9 – IMEI Validator v1.9 (Final Version 1.x, Dev continues on 2.x)

New Download v2.1.2.5 Professional Edition Updates: nigeltodman.com/imei-validator/ Download v1.9 Changelog ———- v1.9 01-25-2015 02:41pm Changed nigelt.wordpress.com references to NigelTodman.com Detects 25,682 mobile devices Final Version v1.8 01-04-2014 05:45pm Added support for Custom TAC * Generate any IMEI once to show TAC Menu. Added various iPhone Models. Now supports some iPhone 5 16/32GB Models. Now supports …

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Petition to UN to have Election Monitors for Canada 2015

I recall reaching out to a few folks last year in an attempt to get a request made to the United Nations to intervene in the absurd electoral fraud taking place in Canada. I believe it was the Council of Canadians and the BCCLA I had contacted. I got no reply from the Council of …

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Jon Stewart just did a segment on Homelessness everyone needs to see

Originally published at the NAAIJ on Jan 12th, 2015. Check the NAAIJ for most recent updates Follow us on Twitter @NAAIJ Like us on Facebook NAAofIJ It should be pretty easy to emphasize with the homeless. But until you have actually been homeless it may not be so easy to put yourself in their shoes …

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