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ATTN: Everyone, Motion M-46 for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income in Canada

I would like to call everyone’s attention to a recent Motion brought by NDP MP Leah Gazan. Motion M-46 for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income in Canada The text of her Petition to the House of Commons follows, Sign it here. Also consider contacting your local Member of Parliament and asking them to speak on/support/sign …

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Everything we know about COVID-19

(Image: US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)) This document is almost complete. My strategy here was every medical journal I’ve read or information from a health authority or medical professional working with COVID-19 patients. Sorted by category. Last Update: 05-15-2020 12:15AM Duration There were 181 confirmed cases with identifiable exposure and symptom …

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August 8th is Autistic Dignity Day.

Today is August 8th. And the very first D-day. That is, Autistic Dignity Day. Today is about so much more than being proud of who we are. It’s about standing up and demanding that people respect our dignity. Standing up can be difficult for a lot of Autistic people to do. Both literally (due to …

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What Democratic Socialism Is… And What It Is Not

Written by Lawrence Wittner and published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 LicenseIn recent weeks, Donald Trump and other Republicans have begun to tar their Democratic opponents with the “socialist” brush, contending that the adoption of socialist policies will transform the United States into a land of dictatorship and poverty.  In fact, though, like …

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