#Hamilton, #Lindsay and #ThunderBay #Ontario are getting a #BasicIncome!

#Hamilton, #Lindsay and #ThunderBay #Ontario are getting a #BasicIncome!

“Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Monday that Hamilton, Lindsay and Thunder Bay will take part in Ontario’s basic income pilot project.

She said in a speech at Liuna Station in Hamilton that: “The project will explore the effectiveness of providing a basic income to people who are currently living on low incomes, whether they are working or not. People participating in our pilot communities will receive a minimum amount of income each yearβ€” a basic income, no matter what.”

The premier said the three-year project will start for people making “just under $17,000 a year, but even that amount may make a real difference to someone who is striving to reach for a better life.””

Source CBC

VNLLA.NIGELTODMAN.COM – New 1.11.2 Vanilla Server!

In addition to my SNAPSHOT Server, I’m now running a Vanilla 1.11.2 Server as well πŸ™‚

You can find it at VNLLA.NIGELTODMAN.COM on Port 25566

Features all the same .commands as my Snapshot server.

Minecraft SNAPSHOT Essentials Script

# Minecraft SNAPSHOT .essentials script v0.6-r56  #
# Written by YT_Veritas0923                       #
# Twitter: @Veritas_83                            #
# Web: www.NigelTodman.com                        #
# GitHub: Veritas83                               #
# BTC 18j2Env7QokhGG5MccS3LPBKnjsko6u4NQ          #

Brings .home .warp .tpa .rtp and .spawn and more to modless Snapshot (and Vanilla) servers πŸ™‚

This is a python script I wrote that wraps itself around the Minecraft console and enables .commands

I wrote this specifically for Snapshot servers that have no modloader or API support. My testing environment is the minecraft_server.jar running the latest snapshot (1.12-pre2 at time of writing) — It may run on linux as well as python is cross platform.

Here’s a screenshot of it running on the latest snapshot

Simply place beside your minecraft_server.jar and run.

User Commands:

.about – display script version and author information

.bal – displays your balance

.balance – alias of .bal

.buy item_name 64 – buys 64 items from the .shop, increase or decrease 64 as needed

.commands – list available commands

.essentials – alias of .about

.help – displays commands and their usage

.home – teleports you to your set home

.version – alias of .about

.motd – displays server Message Of The Day

.ping – causes server to reply with ping response time in ms

.ranks – Displays Ranks, Their cost and their money drop multiplier.

.rankup – Increases your rank by 1. See cost use .rank

.report player reason – reports player for specified reason

.reset – resets your money to 100

.rtp – teleports you to a random location

.seen player – displays when player was last seen online

.sell item_name 1 – sells 1 item to the .shop, increase or decrease 1 as needed

.sethome – sets .home to current coordinates

.shop – lists items for sale, use .buy to purchase

.spawn – teleports you to spawn

.staff – list server staff

.stats – displays total players in PlayerDB and server uptime

.tdf – Toggles downfall

.tpa player – sends .tpa request to specified player

.tpaccept – Accepts .tpa request. Teleports player to you.

.tpdeny – Denies .tpa request.

.tpyes – alias of .tpaccept

.tpno – alias of .tpdeny

.uptime – displays server uptime

.vote – displays server vote links

.warp name – teleports you to warp name. List warps with just .warp

.whois player – checks if player has played on this server

Mod Commands:

.console command – runs /command on the server as console

.kick player reason – kicks a player, reason is optional. reason cannot contain spaces (use . instead of space)

.setwarp name – sets a public .warp as given name. name cannot contain spaces

.stop – issues /stop command as console.

Discuss on Minecraft Forums


.bal now returns negative balances as well as positive
On negative balance. Informs player to .reset to go back to +100

Fixed Issue #9 .bal with negative balance crashes script.
Fixed Issue #10 Advancement crashes script. .sell executing when it shouldnt

Added Basic Income πŸ™‚
Now gives new players their head on first connect.
Fixed Issue #1
Fixed Issue #2

Added .bal/.balance
Removed sidebar display
tablist now displays rank
Updated .help and .commands to reflect new additions
Fixed Issue #5

Added experience_bottle to .shop
Tab list now shows money instead of rank
Improved horse moving too quickly filter to filter all entities
Added .reset command to reset your money to 100
Fixed Issue #3
Fixed Issue #4

Added .tpyes .tpno aliases for .tpaccept and .tpdeny
Added some more requested items to shop.
Increased prices of ores
Added filter for ‘Horse moved too quickly’ console spam

Created OverworldCheck()
Created ProcessRewards()
Expanded UpdateSB()
Reduced Poll time to 6s from 12s
Max iterations of rewardable actions reduced to 4 per poll (Down from 16)
Added buy/sell limit of 1024 per item.
Added .tdf (toggledownfall) .stop .pay

Added a few more items to .shop
Added 3 more ranks. Total of 15

Renamed project to .essentials script.
Money is now optional
.warp is now optional
.home/.sethome is now optional
.rtp is now optional
.shop/.buy/.sell are now optional
.spawn is now optional

Added .version and .essentials aliases for .about
Filtered some scoreboard output
Players get $250 on first join. $100 on connect.

Added tracking of wood, stone and ores.
Awards money for mining wood, stone and ores.
Doubled money recieved from mobs.

Now counts # ‘log’ mined.
Money is now also given for breaking logs.

Added .ranks, .rankup, .console, .motd
Improved .sell logic

Updated .help and .commands to reflect new commands

Higher ranks yield more money dropped from mobs.

Added .sell
Updated .help and .commands to reflect .buy .shop and .sell

Added money.
Added Kills counter.
Added .shop .buy
Get money by killing mobs.

Added .tpa .tpaccept .tpdeny .report
Updated .commands and .help to reflect new commands.
Increased .ping timeout to 4000ms

added moderators.
Added .kick
Added .staff
Added ‘admin’ to config, Bypasses mods.csv list requirement for mod
Updated .commands and .help to reflect new commands

specify admin player name in config. add mods to mods.csv, 1 player name
per line.

Added .stats – displays total players in PlayerDB and server uptime
Added .vote – displays votemsg from config
Updated .commands and .help to reflect new commands

Added .uptime command
.seen now reports if player is not seen

Now using /tellraw instead of /say
Colorized most script output

.ping now returns actual ms response time
updated .help output to reflect changes

Fixed bug where script would crash if .seen and no player specified
.ping now pings current ip, not first seen ip.
Logic error in .sethome for new players, Forgot a condition

Now allows only 1 .home to be set. Replaces existing homes.csv entry
(Previous ver would tp to all homes in sequence ending in last set home)
Added option to give a free shulker box on first connect

.setwarp is now only available to ops
Excessive output from timed 15s dimension check is now filtered

Welcome message is now an MOTD
MOTD is now set in config block
Enabled dimension detection (15s timer)
.warp & .home will no longer tp if not in Overworld
Added .seen to .help output

v0.45 (Internal)
Fixed bug causing excess online entries to be written
.seen now displays hours and minutes

Added .seen
Online players stored in online.csv
All players stored in playerdb.csv

Added config option for rtp radius
Added [Script thread/EXEC] prefix to console output
Added [Script thread/IDLE] prefix to Idle check
Autoclear now warns at 60s and 10s
Added .ping and .whois commands
Now welcomes players both old and new.

Minecraft 1.12-pre6 SNAPSHOT Server (Pre-Release 6)

Minecraft 1.12-pre6 Pre-Release 6 Server up at mc.nigeltodman.com

Pure vanilla. No weather, Game rules rotate monthly. Free shulker boxes on your first connect!

You will often find the latest snapshot running at:


Vote for this server here, here, here, here, here and here

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