Minecraft 1.12 Pre-Release 7


We’re now drawing to a close with 1.12, with hopefully the final pre-releases. We’re aiming to get the full 1.12 release out to you all this friday (2017-06-02)!

Changes in 1.12 pre-release 7

Gave all challenges experience rewards
Fixed bug MC-59535 – Server log outputs TextComponent object rather than its Text property for player lost connection/Disconnecting message
Fixed bug MC-117764 – No error is logged when using knowledge book with invalid recipes
Fixed bug MC-118002 – Pausing game while moving causes screen shaking
Fixed bug MC-118021 – Parrot spawn egg appears after rabbit spawn egg in English (US)
Fixed bug MC-118036 – Disconnecting from server prints TranslatableComponent{key=’multiplayer.disconnect.banned’, …} in log
Fixed bug MC-118038 – Crafting items with no recipe file shows empty toast
Fixed bug MC-118057 – Unexpectedly high CPU usage in menus
Fixed bug MC-118067 – Pressing t in Spectator mode allows you to use recipe book search
Fixed bug MC-118068 – Recipe book uses always t for focusing search instead of chat keybinding
Added some new #covfefe!

Changes in 1.12 pre-release 6

Optimized recipe book & creative inventory searching a lot, especially when using mods
Made a bunch of text translatable, where previously they were hardcoded English
Optimized chunk loading, a previous pre-release slowed it down 🙁
Added the ability to see credits by clicking the copyright text in the title screen
Technical: Skipped functions (when the conditional fails) is now considered a failure (for example in command blocks)
Technical: Tab-completing command names in command blocks will no longer add a / prefix.
Fixed bug MC-40275 – Credit screen/End Poem music not playing correctly
Fixed bug MC-94016 – Glass panes and iron bars connect to barrier blocks
Fixed bug MC-115816 – During the destruction of the beds, cracks do not appear
Fixed bug MC-116479 – Parrots dismount when y coordinate decreases
Fixed bug MC-116489 – Unknown entity property for entity_properties loot table condition causes server crash for default loot tables
Fixed bug MC-116625 – Animation speed of Crafting Guide items is dependant on framerate.
Fixed bug MC-116669 – Exploding TNT minecarts and ender crystals can cause StackOverflow
Fixed bug MC-116696 – Animated textures in resource packs aren’t animated in advancement icons
Fixed bug MC-116834 – “Showing Craftable” button shows uncraftable items of same recipe group
Fixed bug MC-117004 – Narrator is toggled when typing in text fields
Fixed bug MC-117125 – Narrator still crashes on linux, flite installed
Fixed bug MC-117265 – Typing in search bar in recipe book displays next variant for recipes with multiple variants
Fixed bug MC-117310 – gamerule gameLoopFunction does not tab complete function names
Fixed bug MC-117314 – stat.craftItem is missing most items
Fixed bug MC-117568 – Survival tutorial steps shown in creative mode
Fixed bug MC-117584 – Converting zombie villager without ConversionPlayer set crashes server
Fixed bug MC-117611 – Extreme Lag on Multiplayer Server
Fixed bug MC-117627 – Moving items in inventory with open recipe book displays next variant for recipes with multiple variants
Fixed bug MC-117636 – construct_beacon advancement trigger is triggered when player gets near beacon instead of when building beacon
Fixed bug MC-117640 – Pets (wolves, ocelots, parrots) teleport onto magma blocks
Fixed bug MC-117661 – Conditional function command only runs the function if the selection matches exactly one entity
Fixed bug MC-117663 – Conditional function commands do not work inside of functions
Fixed bug MC-117677 – Jumping does not increase progress in tutorial
Fixed bug MC-117687 – Recipe Book tries to use damaged bows to craft dispensers despite this being invalid
Fixed bug MC-117703 – Cannot kill invulnerable parrot with cookie in Creative mode
Fixed bug MC-117704 – “excitedze” easter egg triggers when language is already “Pirate Speak”
Fixed bug MC-117710 – Bonus Chest setting is not copied when re-creating world
Fixed bug MC-117711 – “Snowy Kingdom” Superflat preset arguments include villages despite them being unable to generate in ice plains
Fixed bug MC-117713 – skipping function triggers conditional command blocks
Fixed bug MC-117714 – Clicking on dispenser recipe while only having enchanted bow in inventory places other ingredients anyways
Fixed bug MC-117718 – Breeding animals without LoveCause set cause crash
Fixed bug MC-117727 – @s is described as “a player in /execute” despite working for all entities
Fixed bug MC-117752 – Knowledge book isn’t consumed upon right-click
Fixed bug MC-117764 – No error is logged when using knowledge book with invalid recipes
Fixed bug MC-117785 – Clicking arrows in recipe book have no click sound
Fixed bug MC-117789 – Crash: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access field com.sun.jna.Pointer.peer from class com.sun.jna.PointerTool
Fixed bug MC-117812 – Weird criteria names in certain advancements
Fixed bug MC-117823 – Single-ingredient recipes cannot be stacked by repeatedly clicking on the recipe
Fixed bug MC-117827 – Nonexistent (or misnamed) tipped arrow recipe
Fixed bug MC-117843 – Parrots lose their Name Tag upon dismounting a player’s shoulder
Fixed bug MC-117854 – Fences connect to barriers
Fixed bug MC-117858 – Right-clicking an item stack into the creative mode item selector destroys the whole stack
Fixed bug MC-117877 – Naming Parrots, becoming unnamed.
Fixed bug MC-117883 – Advancement descriptions are able to go out of the Minecraft window
Fixed bug MC-117960 – Strange vines behaviour
Added some new bugs!


IMEI Validator v2.1.2.5 released

v2.1.2.5 05-31-2017 10:22am
Using IMEIDB Database v0.99.0019
Added Update check.
Various code optimizations
Detects 26,554 mobile devices

v2.1.2.4 03-07-2016 05:51pm
Using IMEIDB Database v0.99.0017
Now requires Administrator rights
Various code optimizations
Detects 26,495 mobile devices

v2.1.2.3 11-08-2015 01:28am
Using IMEIDB Database v0.99.0015
Added label showing # of devices supported
Reorganized controls slightly
Increase text size on ‘Copy IMEI’ label
Added first batch of ‘Microsoft Mobile’ branded devices
Many Samsung models added.
‘Blue Tick’ Galaxy S4 and ‘Porsche Edition’ Blackberry
Detects 26,158 mobile devices

Download v2.1.2.5 Professional Edition

Documentation: README
Updates: www.nigeltodman.com/imei-validator/

#TheTrumpEffect – Chronicling the rise of White Supremacist Terrorism

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Despite the pathetic cries of racists worldwide about ‘blacks’ and ‘muslims’ raping and killing people en mass, when you look at who is actually arrested, Who is actually charged. It’s a sea of white privilege holding mother f*ckers.

You’ll have to pardon my language, But I’m no less than infuriated by what I see when I look around at all this senseless hate. Hitler lost the war. But he sure won the hearts and minds of a lot of dumbass white folk. For the record, I myself, am a white folk. I’m just not a dumbass.

What I’m about to chronicle for you here is a very brief history of the rapid rise of white supremacist/nationalist racist terrorism under the Trump Administration.

A brand of terrorism that has, to date, not been denounced by the current President. None of the victims I’m about to mention have ever had their name uttered (or tweeted) by the President. None of the terrorists have ever been condemned by the President.

I believe it all started when then candidate Trump stated on June 16, 2015 that:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” (Source: Washington Post)

This was him testing the waters, Seeing how much support he can get for such inflammatory and inaccurate statements. Just how many angry, racist white folks are out there? Unfortunately the answer…. was MILLIONS.

To be precise. 62,984,825 people voted for Trump. (Source: Wikipedia) That’s 62,984,825 people who were not turned off by that above statement about Mexicans … Or any of the other statements I’m about to detail.

On Dec. 7th 2015 Trump issued the following statement. He has since tried to make the world forget he ever said this. But the Internet never forgets. (Source: Archive of DonaldJTrump.com)

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States .. Mr. Trump stated, “Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine. Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. If I win the election for President, we are going to Make America Great Again.”

Essentially Trump is stating that all Muslims believe in ‘jihad’ and that to ‘Make America Great Again’ they must be ‘shut down’

All this racist rhetoric really excited a lot of white supremacists out there. They finally had their own American Hitler. All that was left was to start making a list of all the non-whites and rounding them up.

Trump took steps down this very path.

“During President Trump’s speech to the joint session of Congress last night, he announced plans to create a new office called VOICE—that’s Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. Trump has previously directed the Department of Homeland Security to publish a list of crimes committed by immigrants—which some historians have compared to Germany’s Nazi-era policy of publishing lists of crimes committed by Jews.” (Source: DemocracyNow)

More on the roundups from USA Today..

“In the 100 days since President Trump signed an executive order to enhance immigration enforcement, the arrests of undocumented immigrants is up 38% from the same time period in 2016, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data released Wednesday.

ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan said his agency is focusing on undocumented immigrants with criminal records, the “bad hombres” that Trump spoke about throughout his presidential campaign. But the data show that the biggest jump in arrests involved undocumented immigrants without a criminal record, a 156% increase from last year.

Between Jan. 22 and April 29, ICE arrested 10,845 people whose immigration violations were the only marks on their record.” (Source: USAToday)

That’s enough about Trump .. for now. What I’m trying to demonstrate there. Is that he is for racist policies and is in fact himself quite racist. His lack of any response whatsoever to the actions I’m about to detail will further exemplify this.

I will go from today backward.

On May 29th 2017 California man screaming racial slurs hospitalizes black man in machete rampage: police

“According to the Lake County News, a local newspaper in the central-northwest region of California, a white man has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing a black man with a machete in what police believe was a racially-motivated attack.

Anthony Robert Hammond, the Clearlake, California resident arrested in the incident, was reportedly “yelling racial slurs at numerous people” in the parking lot of his apartment complex when he went into his apartment and came back out with a machete.

“As he continued yelling racial slurs at the victim,” the Lake County News reported, “Hammond struck the victim on the shoulder with the machete, causing serious bodily injury.”

The victim, whose identity hasn’t been revealed “due to the severity of the crime” was reportedly rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. His current condition has not yet been reported.

After the police were called during the attack, authorities engaged in a multi-hour standoff with Hammond, as they believed he had a firearm as well as the machete used to stab the victim. He was then arrested at the scene.” (Source: RawStory)

On May 26th 2017 Witnesses: Man Cut the Throats of Two MAX Passengers Who Tried to Stop Anti-Muslim Bullying of Women on Northeast Portland Train

“A man riding the MAX in Northeast Portland fatally stabbed two passengers who tried to stop him from hurling racial and anti-Muslim insults at women on the train, witnesses tell WW’s news partner KATU-TV.

The suspect is currently in Portland police custody. The stabbing occurred at about 4:30 this afternoon as the light-rail train pulled into the Hollywood Transit Center.

UPDATE: The alleged killer is a Portland white supremacist who pledged to eradicate Jews and Muslims.

Details of the triple stabbing, which killed two men, are still emerging. But eyewitness reports to KATU and The Oregonian indicate it was an anti-immigrant hate crime.” (Source: WWeek.com)

On May 1st 2017 Poolside party becomes ‘war zone’ as white gunman shoots seven, is killed by cops

“Seven adults were shot, one woman fatally, when a gunman who witnesses said never left his poolside chair opened fire on a birthday party at an University City apartment complex Sunday.

Police shot and killed the suspect, later identified as 49-year-old Peter Selis, a resident at the upscale La Jolla Crossroads complex on Judicial Drive near the Westfield UTC Shopping Center.

A 2015 bankruptcy filing stated that Selis, a father and a car mechanic at a Ford dealership in San Diego, faced crushing debt.

Authorities said the shooter, armed with a semi-automatic pistol, was white and all the victims were people of color — four black women, two black men and one Latino man” (Source: SanDiegoUnionTribune)

On Mar 28th 2017 White supremacist charged with terrorism after ‘killing black man in practice run’

“A white supremacist accused of stabbing a 66-year-old black man to death has been charged with murder as an act of terrorism.

James Harris Jackson, 28, allegedly selected his victim at random in Manhattan, New York, and has said the attack was a “practice run” for a larger attack.

Jackson, a former army veteran, told the New York Daily News he was on a mission to prevent interracial relationships.
Jackson was in the army from 2009 to 2012 and worked as an intelligence analyst, the army said. Deployed in Afghanistan in 2010-11, he earned several medals and attained the rank of specialist.

The military training, Jackson said, helped him plan the bloodshed.” (Source: TheIndependent)

On Mar 8th 2017 Ore. Man Screams ‘Arab, You Need to Leave,’ Bashes Restaurant Employee Over the Head With Pipe

“Another day, another racist white guy attacking an innocent person for no reason other than existing. Earlier this week, officers arrested Jason Kendall, 52, for allegedly attacking a man working at a Middle Eastern restaurant with a pipe and telling his victim to “Go back to your country, terrorist,” according to court documents.

KOIN reports that the altercation occurred at Al-Aqsa Restaurant in Salem, Ore. The victim told investigators that Kendall was yelling and screaming, causing a disturbance in the restaurant. When the victim asked Kendall to leave, he initially did, before coming back five minutes later yelling, “Get out of America” and “Arab, you need to leave, asshole.”” (Source: TheRoot)

On Feb 24th 2017 He yelled ‘Get out of my country,’ witnesses say, and then shot 2 men from India, killing one

“Authorities in Kansas filed first-degree murder charges against a man accused of opening fire in a bar there, killing one Indian man, injuring two other people and causing fears about bigotry to reverberate across the globe.

According to witness accounts, the gunman reportedly told two of the people who were shot — both Indian men who work for Garmin, the technology firm — to “get out of my country” before opening fire and had also used racial slurs during the Wednesday evening shooting.

Multiple law enforcement agents launched an investigation into the deadly shooting inside Austin’s Bar and Grill in Olathe, a city about 20 miles southwest of Kansas City. Even as authorities said they had not yet identified a motive for the attack, relatives of the Indian men said they feared the shooting was connected to a climate of fear and xenophobia in America.

The father of one of the people injured pointed to the election of President Trump, who has routinely described a threat posed to Americans from people outside the country’s borders, and pleaded with parents in India “not to send their children to the United States.”

The White House responded by calling the link to Trump’s rhetoric absurd, according to Reuters.
Madasani’s father, Jaganmohan Reddy, told the Times he has recently begun to ask his son to return home, fearing that he might not be safe in the country’s racially charged atmosphere, with ugly incidents and hate groups on the rise.

“The situation seems to be pretty bad after Trump took over as the U.S. president. I appeal to all the parents in India not to send their children to the United States in the present circumstances,” Reddy said.” (Source: The Washington Post)

On Feb 17th 2017 Third white terrorist arrested in less than a week; White Americans: 3, Muslims: 0

Ex-convict and white supremacist Benjamin McDowell, 28, was arrested after buying a handgun and ammunition from an FBI agent for $109.

McDowell had complained on facebook that fellow white supremacists were all talk and no action: “All they wanne (sic) do is stay loaded on drugs the Jews put here to destroy white man and they feast on the drugs. they should be Feasting on the enemy that stole their Heritage and their bloodline” he wrote, also citing Dylan Roof, the white mass murderer sentenced to death for the murder of a group of black churchgoers.

Authorities began investigating McDowell in December after he posted threats to a synagogue on Facebook.

Since President Trump was sworn in, vowing to keep America safe from terrorism, and issuing a travel ban against Muslim countries that was later blocked by the courts, this is the third white American to be investigated for a terrorist plot. (Source: DailyKOS)

On Feb 9th 2017 FBI Investigates White Supremacist for Deadly Poison

The FBI is investigating a Georgia man with ties to the white supremacist Creativity Movement after he sought medical attention for exposure to the deadly poison ricin.
“We are coordinating with the 4th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team of the Army National Guard and the Cherokee County Fire Department to ensure that the area is safe,” Horn said.

Gibbs claims membership in the “Georgia Church of Creativity,” a white supremacy sect that professes “race is our religion,” that the “white race is nature’s finest,” and that “racial loyalty is the greatest of all honors, and racial treason is the worst of all crimes.” (Source: Southern Poverty Law Center)

On Jan 29th 2017 Quebec Terror Suspect Alexandre Bissonnette Charged with Six Counts of Murder

“Bissonnette, 27, was arrested after Sunday night’s terrorist attack at Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec that left six men dead and another 19 injured, including two who remain hospitalized in serious condition.

He has also been charged with five counts of attempted murder.
The Globe and Mail reported that Bissonnette also expressed support for French nationalist Marine Le Pen, who has compared Muslims praying in the street to a Nazi “occupation.”

Two men who knew Bissonnette told Journal de Québec that he was a Trump supporter.

One, Éric Debroise, said he informed police Bissonnette is an “ultra nationalist white supremacist,” while one of Bissonnette’s classmates, Jean-Michel Allard-Prus, said “he has right-wing political ideas, pro-Israel, anti-immigration. I had many debates with him about Trump. He was obviously pro-Trump.”” (Source: VICE)

Are you infuriated yet?

To all the non-racist white folk out there, Get your head out of the sand and condemn this. Leave your comfort zone and talk about it with someone! Use this article to do so if you have to. I’ve seen far too many people who are far too content to just continue to ignore all this terrorism in their midst.

You want muslims to condemn terrorists that come from their communities? They have When terrorists come from our communities and look like us, We need to do the same.

I’m not holding my breath for President Trump to do so thou…

is an , , Social Activist, Web Developer and Computer Programmer from Ontario, Canada. and/or E-mail: veritas [at] vts-tech [dot] org [] This article can be republished under a , With a link back to this article and attribution to

VGS-Voxel – Voxel Engine written in Unity 5.6 and C#

VGS-Voxel – Voxel Engine written in Unity 5.6 and C#
Current Version: v0.0.1-r04 Pre-Alpha

So I think I’ve got enough of a handle on Unity to start developing a Voxel Engine 🙂 Here is my early progress. Follow the project on GitHub for updates!

GitHub: VGS-Voxel

Early v0.0.1 Pre-Alpha Code based on Tutorials from Holistic3D and here on YouTube

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