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This infographic about Papa Johns is going viral

Originally published at Medium.com

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This infographic about Papa Johns founder John Schnatter is going viral. Shared by the Facebook Page ‘The Other 98%’, As of writing it currently has over 110,000 Shares and 58,000 ‘Likes’ or other emoticon related reactions.

I’ve gathered some of the responses to demonstrate the general tone of the replies as well as picked a few favorites.

Many cite their deplorable business practices and treatment of their employees as reasons for their boycott of the Papa Johns franchise.

For others, they cite his support of the Celebrity White Supremacist President Trump.

Some of those that had the unfortunate experience of eating Papa Johns chimed in.

Even some former Papa Johns employees found time to reply

Out of all the responses I saw. This was my favorite

Meanwhile the Papa Johns Stock Price (Symbol: PZZA) has fallen off a cliff. Just barely above its annual low ($59.36) at $61 currently.

Nigel Todman is an Independent Journalist, Technical Consultant, Social Activist, Web Developer and Computer Programmer from Ontario, Canada. Add him to Facebook and/or Follow him on Twitter E-mail: veritas [at] vts-tech [dot] org [PGP] This article can be republished under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, With a link back to this article and attribution to Nigel Todman

Downloads section now live!

The Downloads section is now live!

GramGrabber – Instagram Downloader

Homepage: www.NigelTodman.com

GramGrabber – Instagram Downloader Changelog

v0.0.2-r02 2/22/2019 10:02:39 PM

Added Social Media Links
Added BitCoin Address
Resized main form slightly
GramGrabber.exe 714638F1
wget.exe 47EC1FA4

v0.0.2-r01 2/22/2019 9:02:48 PM

Ported to .NET Framework v4.6.1 from VB6
Added support for Instagram’s URL Signatures
Updated User-Agent to Firefox 64
GramGrabber.exe 69B3B36A
wget.exe 47EC1FA4


Added option to ‘Open after Download’
Uses default program associated with jpg or mp4
Now using wget 1.19.1-win32
GramGrabber.exe FBFA240A
wget.exe 47EC1FA4


Renamed to GramGrabber
‘Instagram Downloader’ was too generic


First Release!
Takes Instagram URL.
Grabs HTML. Parses for image/video tags.
Downloads found source image/video.
Deletes HTML after.
Returns file name. Saves to application folder.

Uses wget and some GNU libraries.


NMSAdvCfg – No Man’s Sky Advanced Config Tool

Steam Community Discussion


Added verification for NMS.exe v1.58 Experimental (Steam)
Added verification for NMS.exe v1.57 (Steam)
Added Tessellation option
Resized main form slightly
Changed background
Changed text color



Added Gamepad Vibration
Added Hidden HUD
Added Music Volume
Added SFX Volume
Resized main form slightly
Using larger background image
Added verification for NMS.exe v1.36 Experimental (Steam/GoG)
Added verification for NMS.exe v1.35 (Steam/GoG)
NMSAdvCFG.exe 09D18CB4


Added verification for NMS.exe v1.34 Experimental (Steam/GoG)
Added verification for NMS.exe v1.33 (GoG)
Now using icon from NMS.exe for NMSAdvCfg.exe
NMSAdvCFG.exe 2C6A998B


Added button to Delete Shader Cache
Added button to Delete All Settings
Added ‘Desktop Resolution’ option
Added verification for NMS.exe v1.33 Experimental


Fixed a bug in HBAO detection.
Added Low Work Threads option.
Reorganized label controls slightly
NMSAdvCFG.exe 1B707F9C


Aesthic update
Resized main form slightly
Using higher quality background image
NMSAdvCFG.exe 7582EB89


Added ‘Gsync’ Option toggle
Added ‘Hold to Select’ menu tweak
Added NMS.exe v1.32 Verification
Added ‘Reload’ and ‘Quit’ Buttons.
Further cleaned up config file output.
Should match encoding used by NMS.exe exactly now.


Changed instances of ‘Medium’ to ‘Normal’
Medium in Menu is written as ‘Normal’ in config.
Cleaned up config file output. Stripping new lines and re-adding
Config file is reformatted by NMS.exe upon each launch.
Keeps settings as long as they are valid.
Added CRC32 Verification to release.
NMSAdvCFG.exe 0845A82F


Reads all settings from TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML
Detects v1.24/v1.31 Steam version of NMS.exe
First functional build. Writes settings to No Man’s Sky config.
Supports values/options not possible in the game.

Such as FOV > 100
Texture Streaming toggle
High Dynamic Range toggle
Paging Size
Worker Threads
Generation Detail


First release.
Debug release. Read only.
Reads all settings from TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML
Detects v1.24/v1.31 Steam version of NMS.exe

Steam Community Discussion

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