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I’m now on Medium

I’m now on Medium – https://medium.com/@Veritas_83

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 – Verification Info

Filename: 14300.1000.160324-1723.RS1_RELEASE_SVC_SERVER_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US.iso
MD5: 6417BA460F95BD91DED05DFACD553783
CRC32: 3B90F777

MedAdvCFG (Mednafen v0.9.x.x Frontend)

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I’m now on Patreon

Patreon Page patreon.com/NigelTodman

I write articles and software for free. Most of my articles are available under a creative commons license. You can find them on my homepage, at The Fifth Column News and posted by various outlets such as Mint Press News and BasicIncome.org

For 3 years I volunteered as the Assistant Webmaster for the non-profit NAAIJ [North American Association of Independent Journalists]. I also maintain the Playing for Free community and website at
www.PlayingForFree.net as well as offer Technical Consulting services at www.VTS-Tech.org Some software and tools are also available there for free 🙂

I have been an advocate of Basic Income every since I heard about it 3 years ago.  On Nov 11th 2013 I published the following article at the
www.NAAIJ.org (now defunct). I have made it available on my homepage  Canada could eliminate Poverty and Homelessness overnight. But will they?

I often scour the web and aggregate and post content that is relevant to my interests to my Facebook, Twitter and Minds accounts.  These interests include but are not limited to: Automation, Basic Income, Robots, Income Inequality, Poverty, Corruption, Renewable Energy, Canadian, American and British Politics, Windows and Linux Security, Programming, AI, Science and more.

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