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Sudden outbreak of common sense as Basic Income considered & piloted

This article can be republished under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, With a link back to this article and attribution to Nigel Todman Subscribe on Minds nigel.todman Follow on Twitter @Veritas_83 Add on Facebook nigel.todman.3 Back in 2013 I wrote my debut article endorsing a Basic Income. “Segal says the program would cost …

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Automation: A look at exactly how robots will take your job.

Follow on Twitter @Veritas_83 Add on Facebook nigel.todman.3 You may have heard of or seen recent reports that 50% of the Global Workforce is destined for the unemployment line. Most of those reports are based on an article out of the MIT Technology Review entitled Report Suggests Nearly Half of U.S. Jobs Are Vulnerable to …

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I’m now on GitHub

I’m now on GitHub. Most of the repos are in Visual Basic, But there is some Python, PHP and LUA on there as well. I’ve been looking into Game Development lately so I decided to start with what I know, Visual Basic. Put together a somewhat basic BlackJack implementation. 727 lines of code Other …

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Confederate Flag supporter learns How to Internet! Issues epic apology to world.

Originally published by the NAAIJ on July 13th 2015 under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution International License Follow us on Twitter @NAAIJ Like us on Facebook NAAofIJ A former Confederate Flag supporter learned How to Internet! Issues epic apology to world. At the time of writing has been shared over 100,000 times and has over …

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