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EMUDB – Emulation Database

Homepage GitHub Download HTTP Mirror The EMUDB project aims to add full verification and release information for all NTSC-U region games for all home video game systems. PAL Exclusive titles will also be included. NTSC-J may see support in the future, But I personally don’t intend to maintain a NTSC-J catalog. A typical release in …

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MedAdvCFG v0.4.1-r47 is released

MedAdvCFG v0.4.1-r47 (Mednafen v1.x Frontend) Download Source Code Download Source Code Changelog v0.4.1-r47 03-26-2018 7:05PM Added Hotkey hints for F9/Screenshot & F8/Open Tray You must F8/Open Tray before you F6/Swap Disc Added 2x Fast Forward Speed option Various Code optimizations

Minecraft 1.13 .mcfunction Essentials Script

Minecraft 1.13 .mcfunction Essentials v0.0.2-r14 Discuss on Minecraft Forums (GitHub) Written by Nigel Todman (www.NigelTodman.com) Development Server: MC.NIGELTODMAN.COM Minecraft 1.13 .mcfunction Essentials v0.0.2-r14 Written by Nigel Todman (www.NigelTodman.com) Development Server: MC.NIGELTODMAN.COM Config: Line 6 of triggers.mcfunction, Specify your world spawn coords after the line World Specific Coords Start Lines 17/18 of setup.mcfunction Start_Config Set to …

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Minecraft 1.13 Function Loop skeleton

Minecraft 1.13 Function Loop skeleton Usage Simply drop veritas0923 into your ‘datapacks’ folder Run /function v0923:setup Implemented gameloop function looping with game ticks ticks counted to 100 then reset. stores player coords displays tickcount on sidebar To use a skeleton for your own project. Simply rename v0923 in ticks.json and rename the v0923 to your …

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