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IMEI Validator v2.1.2.5 released

Changelog ———- v2.1.2.5 05-31-2017 10:22am Using IMEIDB Database v0.99.0019 Added Update check. Various code optimizations Detects 26,554 mobile devices v2.1.2.4 03-07-2016 05:51pm Using IMEIDB Database v0.99.0017 Now requires Administrator rights Various code optimizations Detects 26,495 mobile devices v2.1.2.3 11-08-2015 01:28am Using IMEIDB Database v0.99.0015 Added label showing # of devices supported Reorganized controls slightly Increase …

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#TheTrumpEffect – Chronicling the rise of White Supremacist Terrorism

Follow on Twitter @Veritas_83 Add on Facebook nigel.todman.3 Despite the pathetic cries of racists worldwide about ‘blacks’ and ‘muslims’ raping and killing people en mass, when you look at who is actually arrested, Who is actually charged. It’s a sea of white privilege holding mother f*ckers. You’ll have to pardon my language, But I’m no …

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VGS-Voxel – Voxel Engine written in Unity 5.6 and C#

VGS-Voxel – Voxel Engine written in Unity 5.6 and C# Current Version: v0.0.1-r04 Pre-Alpha So I think I’ve got enough of a handle on Unity to start developing a Voxel Engine 🙂 Here is my early progress. Follow the project on GitHub for updates! GitHub: VGS-Voxel Early v0.0.1 Pre-Alpha Code based on Tutorials from Holistic3D …

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#Hamilton, #Lindsay and #ThunderBay #Ontario are getting a #BasicIncome!

#Hamilton, #Lindsay and #ThunderBay #Ontario are getting a #BasicIncome! “Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Monday that Hamilton, Lindsay and Thunder Bay will take part in Ontario’s basic income pilot project. She said in a speech at Liuna Station in Hamilton that: “The project will explore the effectiveness of providing a basic income to people who are …

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